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March 2013: Kleeng has now acquired, special thanks go to Grazia C. Giuseppe L., Daniela P, Alberto C, Enrico M. and all the special people that made this project become true!

January 2013: The website of Albo Italy is launched

December 2012: Marco Minerva starts working at Kleeng

November 2012: Giuseppe Giampà starts working at Kleeng

July 2012: From a light conversation at the Italian Embassy in Hanoi, the Albo project was created with the aim of reducing the Italian Sounding phenomenon and counterfeit in the world.

June 2012: The analysis of the brands and begins in view of obtaining them permanently at Kleeng

June 2012: Grazia Cimino, Orlando Guiggi and Enrico Menghini start working at Kleeng

June 2012: Kleeng SRL is founded. This is the instrument through which we will show our talent to the world.

Up to 2012: Luigi Menghini is a youth with an infinity of ideas, little money, huge curiosity and large ambition. He studied at the University of Pisa where he graduated in Information Technology. During his years as a university student, he created SmsClient, a program for computers and mobile phones which has turned the dispatch of text messages into an easy and free process at a time when smartphones were not popular. He created the community of SmsClient, which includes more than 30 thousand registered users, and BlUm, a blend between a blog and a forum that is obtaining great success. The student life style and the resulting lack of capital caused him to desert the development of many projects. In Pisa he also came into contact with the working world and, together with a team of electronic and mechanical engineers, he created airCart, a system that controls the automatic unfastening of the luggage trolleys in the airports. After travelling a lot and coming into contact with prominent personalities in the field of online games, he created a system of betting online management that would ultimately lead to the creation of Kleeng.


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    We pay attention to and we observe the everyday needs of people who work, play or spend time with their Read More
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    Our instruments will be employed all over the world and they will be suitable to each specific culture. They will Read More
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    March 2013: Kleeng has now acquired, special thanks go to Grazia C. Giuseppe L., Daniela P, Alberto C, Enrico Read More
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    Kleeng S.r.l. innovative startup founded in 2012, is made up of a team of dynamic and brilliant engineers. We carefully Read More
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